About Sally

Who am i? What do I do? Why do I do it? get the lowdown!

I am honoured to have worked with some amazing brands over the years!

About Sally

A happy nerd who has been where you are right now…

nerd, geek, coach, entrepreneur, wife, mum & all round good egG

In 1996, I was diagnosed with Meningitis which left me with both Guillain–Barré syndrome (G.B.S.) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), from both of these illnesses I suffered several stroke like episodes which left me in a wheelchair. I was told in 1997 that I would never walk, talk, work or have kids. Since then I have diagnosed with diabetes, a hernia, retinopathy, neuropathy, I am losing my eyesight and my hearing. I was told I would never walk, talk, work or have kids…

I admit, I’m a stubborn old bird and decided to totally ignore all of that and carry on regardless. I have since walked, talked (probably too much), worked and have 2 beautiful daughters. I haven’t just worked either, I have owned businesses from creation to sale that have sustained me, financially, for almost 30 years.

After my abusive father left when I was 11 years old and subsequent abusive issues with an ex boyfriend, I lost every ounce of confidence. I became so painfully shy and anxious that when I decided to open a new shop, my friend Susan just laughed and said “What are you going to do? Hold up signs to customers to tell them how much to pay?” and she was right, I couldn’t even speak to new people let alone run a shop. I was good at business, good at tech, good at design and all that, but I wasn’t good at being me…

The nerves got so bad that when asked to speak about social media and marketing at a ‘Women in Business’ event, I almost threw up in the car park before I went in and completely lost it. With no one to replace me, I had to find a way to carry on but feel comfortable, so Susan (who was also with me at this event too) came up with the idea of sitting me behind a desk with a laptop so I could speak as if I was live streaming a video instead of speaking to a large live audience. It worked.

From there I threw myself more into the tech world. Web design and marketing have always been a huge passion of mine and my businesses, but I didn’t have the voice to back it up. I had to teach myself coping mechanisms to deal with the ever growing client list I had and then I realised that the reason I had all these clients was because they trusted me to get the job done, and I did. So if they trusted me, I should trust myself.

As I grew up and grew as a person, I started working on who I wanted to be, working on my dreams and goals. Working on changes I wanted to make for myself and working on my knowledge of business, SEO, marketing and social media. And that is the key my dearest readers. Changes I wanted to make for me. Just me. Not because I was told I had to, not because I wasn’t good enough, but because it was my time to blossom into the person I wanted to be. The person I knew I was. I wanted to be confident again and to run my dream business. Since then, I haven’t looked back. It’s taken a long time to get where I am today but now I have multiple thriving businesses which I adore. I live stream videos once a week, speak at shows, spend a lot of my time at trade shows and exhibitions and enjoy being able to say… I am Sally. Although I still get a little freaked out when people ask to have photos taken with me! That might take a bit more getting used to!

Many people may think that business coaching and online marketing are ‘new fangled bollocks’ but they aren’t. To have someone in your corner, having someone help you along the way who not only knows their stuff but also who has been exactly where you are, are priceless whether you are just starting out or been in business for a while, and social media marketing is even better than traditional marketing as in the most part, it’s free to do! Also, marketing, PR, SEO, web design, budgets, business plans and all that jazz are easier to learn, work on and use consistently, if you are in a more positive mindset yourself. So with me, you will always receive practical but positive coaching.

So… here I am now. I am still a nerd, a real full time geek, but I love my business and I want you to love yours too. I want you to be so successful that you can afford that holiday, the new car, your new clothes, treat your kids, treat yourself, give to charity or whatever it is you want. I want you to be happy in your work, and I want you and your business to grow.

My Fabulous Team!


Where would I be without our Amy? Amy is a wonderful Virtual Assistant to our clients and for me, she is my fabulous PA! But not only is she a VA, she is amazing at planning, organising, social media work and she is a qualified book-keeper too!


The absolute King of CSS. Not sure what CSS is? Well it’s the fiddly bit of code behind websites that makes things change in different aspects and views. Not only that but he is also a code and software developer himself! You can visit him on his blog here.

I have no idea where I would be without these two, they are are as much as part of Sally Walker as I am!

my promise to you

  • I’ll always conduct myself to a high level of integrity whilst being my authentic self and so will my awesome team!
  • Sometimes things change, things break, get fixed, or have to work in a different way than expected. Life happens and it’s a pain in the… exactly. But, whatever happens, I’ll keep you updated and work out plans with you every step of the way.
  • Have you ever had someone work with you but never actually listen to what you are saying, what you want or what you need? Yeah, so have I. Not great is it? But I aim to be different. I will work with you to make your business shine and stand out.
  • There is nothing worse than working with someone new and feeling like they are being something they are not just to impress you. I want you to feel at home with myself and my fabulous team and we’ll make it easy for you to talk to us and make you feel comfortable when you do.
  • I’ll treat all potential and current clients with dignity whilst respecting their individual personalities. I will not judge you.
  • Over the first session I will go through everything with you and not leave you wondering what I will do.
  • I’ll keep your records confidential unless I have written permission by you to show them or am requested to by law.
  • I won’t make any unrealistic claims. I am not a therapist or a doctor.
  • I won’t make claims like ‘you will make a million pounds in the next year’ nor will I guarantee that you will become a social media star overnight. But I will promise to show you the tricks of the trade and help you on your way.
  • I am not an accountant or a bookkeeper but I will help you learn to budget for business, to help you work out your finances and put things in order.
  • I’ll ask for your permission in writing before I use your name and/or testimonial when giving out references.
  • I won’t coach those under 18+. However I cannot be held liable for those who may lie about their age.
UK Business Coach | Social Media Marketing Coach | SEO Coach - UK business coach, social media marketing coach & SEO coach based in Lancashire. Grab your business by the balls, create a plan & make progress.


of websites designed, social media accounts managed & clients happy!


Years of
UK Business Coach | Social Media Marketing Coach | SEO Coach - UK business coach, social media marketing coach & SEO coach based in Lancashire. Grab your business by the balls, create a plan & make progress.
Over 30 years in business, I have made mistakes but now I coach others on how not to make them…


It’s a dream to be able to love what you do, but I do, I really do. I am incredibly lucky to be able to mix my passion with amazing clients.

  • I want you to love what you do!
  • I want you to be successful!
  • I want you to have the business you have dreamed about!

I can Help You With…

From coaching to brand design, and from business creation to a full website, blog, social media presence & more…

UK Business Coach | Social Media Marketing Coach | SEO Coach - UK business coach, social media marketing coach & SEO coach based in Lancashire. Grab your business by the balls, create a plan & make progress.
Lancashire web design, website development, WordPress support & business coaching UK. We are a Lancashire based UK wide web design, web development, WordPress support & training, business coaching & virtual assistant company that support businesses from small businesses and side hustles to large worldwide brands.
UK Business Coach | Social Media Marketing Coach | SEO Coach - UK business coach, social media marketing coach & SEO coach based in Lancashire. Grab your business by the balls, create a plan & make progress.
UK Business Coach | Social Media Marketing Coach | SEO Coach - UK business coach, social media marketing coach & SEO coach based in Lancashire. Grab your business by the balls, create a plan & make progress.

Coaches bring out the best in you and your business. They help cheer you on, give you practical advice and help you plan not only where you need to be, but where you want to be. Not only can I help you through the vast ocean of worry that is the business world, but I can also create your dream brand, website, take care of your social media marketing, create content for you, SEO and more. So why choose me? Because I’ve been where you are & 30 years on, I am helping my clients create & run the successful businesses of their dreams.

Happy Clients = Happy Sally

“Sally has never failed to impress me with her creativity, loyalty, determination & sheer capacity for hard work. She is ultra-talented & an asset to any team. Great to deal with & loves cake! I would highly recommend her.”
Emma Warren
Hiho / Dimpsey / Dimmet
“Sally is brilliant. I have had occasion to pick her very knowledgeable brain on several occasions. If you need graphic design, a web site, or help with social media and SEO, I highly recommend Sally.”
Carole Meyrick
Catch Your Calls
“Sally is an SEO and web design genius! She has done several websites and her ability to catch the exact flavour of the what’s in my head & translate that into a attractive, hassle free, efficient website has never ceased to astound me.”
Susan Odev
Author – Penelope Cress

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