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What is PMA & can you truly have a positive mental attitude?

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Some people have the knack of being chirpy (sometimes annoyingly so!) and seeing the very best of everything in every detail they see. Others find it hard to feel inspired by anything. When we are going through stressful or hard times it is hard to feel good or motivated at all, so can you truly have a positive mental attitude? Yes. But of course this is me, so I am not about to be all buttercups and roses about it 😉 Get ready for a PMA ride my dear readers.

What actually is PMA?

Positive mental attitude, also known as PMA, was created by Napoleon Hill in the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ in 1937. The concept is that if you think positively you can obtain the life you want. Law of attraction and all that.

Life coaches bang on about positive mental attitudes a lot. And whilst yes, I do agree with the concept in theory and we should be looking for the positives in situations, we cannot ignore trials and tribulations we have gone through. Sometimes we go through hard times we think we will never get over, but we do and that is where the inspiration comes from. Drawing on aspects of your life that have made you stronger is an important part of creating inspiration for the future

But I know, it’s bloody hard right? It’s hard to see the positives in things such as illness, financial problems, losing your jobs or even death. It’s easy to close the doors and push the world away because then you don’t have to feel. Not just pretend to be positive, but not to feel anything.

I am in a lot of coaching groups on Facebook and I sometimes read through the posts wondering if these people are even human. Their lives seem 100% happy and perky all the time. But what they are, are swans. Swimming gracefully across the water but their feet furiously paddling underneath the water where you can’t see. That’s not true positive mental attitude, that’s wearing a mask, and we can all do that. I am talking about true positive mental attitude.

I want to give you one bit of advice about this. Just one. Look at where you are right now. Right this minute. Whether you are at work, at home, on the bus, waiting to pick the kids up from school or even reading my blog on your phone from the loo. Just right now, look at where you are.

How many times in your past or even in your present, have you thought you couldn’t carry on?

How many times in your past or present have you thought, I just can’t take anymore.

How many times in your past or present have you thought, why. WHY???

And look where you are right now. You are here my lovely. You didn’t give up. You are here. And by fuck that took some balls right? That took all of your strength, your motivation, your inspiration and your fight and you did it. You are here.

Now take all that strength, motivation, inspiration and fight and remember that feeling. And when shit hits the fan, remember all those emotions. These are positive emotions and these positive emotions will allow you to see things clearer and be more focused. These positive emotions are your positive mental attitude. This is true PMA.

The situation may not or cannot change for whatever reason but how we deal with it can be changed. It’s not easy, it’s not easy at all and I am not saying we should see the world with rose tinted glasses, but, you’ve done it before. You’ve fought, you’ve been strong and you’ve worked it out. Now do it again, use that positive mental attitude to work on situations in the future.

Can we truly have a positive mental attitude?

True positive mental attitude is not about seeing baby animals running through the fields on a perfect Summers day. True mental attitude is about getting through the hard stuff. And you are doing that. Every. Single. Day.

Well done my lovelies. Well done. Now keep going. Because the more you do this, the more you will be able to draw that positivity into your life. Hard time will still happen, this isn’t a magic wand, but with a little positivity, things can seem a whole lot better and when things seem a little better then all the good stuff can flow.

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