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Psychobabble – The new social deduction game of dreams, paranoia & insanity from Cheatwell Games

What a joy to receive details of a new game called Psychobabble today! The design is stunning with a ‘monochrome meets Lovecraftian style’ certainly catches the eye and I have to say, had me intrigued as soon as the games creator, Kedric Winks from Ghastly Games, emailed me to tell me all about his new game, published by Cheatwell Games.

Psychobabble, an intense social deduction game, asks one player to take the role of the Psychotherapist who guides the other players in a group discussion of their shared dreams. Most will know what happened in last night’s vision, but one will be genuinely insane and unfortunately, does not know it!

It’s up to the Psychotherapist to make sense of the statements and interpret the dreams while the inmates must uncover the madman hiding among them!

With an age range of 14 years+ and with players of 4 – 11, PsychoBabble is the social party game that engulfs you in a sea of suspicion, accusations and self-doubt. An engaging experience like no other as it will test your powers of deduction as well as creating an absorbing atmosphere.

Kedric, the creator of Psychobabble, has been designing board games on and off for 10 year. He currently works from home in the seaside village of Filey, North Yorkshire. Kedric’s games are typically light or filler games in that can be played in under 30 mins by casual gamers and non-gamers. They are mostly mild-horror or weird-fiction themed. He loves all things tabletop and comes from a proud line of games designers, his great uncle Horrace having invented TiddlyWinks in the 1800’s. His current favourite games are Nice Buns, Micro Macro Crime City and Talisman.

Both Kedric and Cheatwell Games will be at UK Games Expo 2022 and I can’t wait to meet them both! I will certainly be picking up a copy of this little gem too 😉 Save one for me please Kedric!

If you would like to grab one too before they hit the shops, please hot foot it over to see Cheatwell Games and you’ll be able to swap a £20 note for a box of Pyschobabble goodness. And don’t forget to say that your good old gamer friend Sally sent you over too 😉

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Loved working with...

Sally has had the pleasure and honour with working some amazing brands and businesses over the years, here are just some of her favourites!

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Some say geek, some say nerd. Sally admits to being both. But, as that is not only her full time job but also her passion, she is happy to have those titles and answers to them proudly. Being a journalist for over 27 years, she writes about her geeky and nerdy passions – gaming. Sally is now both a journalist and influencer for the gaming and geek culture industries and loves all types of games from tabletop board games and D&D to MMO’s and FPS video games such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Runes of Magic, LOTR Online, Final Fantasy, CS:GO,  and oh so many more.


Sally has been a gamer since 1990 and has always had a thirst for all things ‘geek’. Writing for and working with such brands as EGX, Insomnia Gaming Festival, MCM ComicCon, Tabletop Gaming Live, PlayFusion, Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Champions, The BBC, The Daily Mail, Reuters, FoxNews, USAtoday, Walt Disney Corporation, PC Gamer, The Ideal Home Show, The Lord Mayor’s Show London, Grand Designs Live, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Asda and many more. With over 25 years in the gaming, comic and geek culture industry, she really knows her stuff!


We all know Sally is a gamer but apart from online, PC and console gaming, Sally also enjoys tabletop games, wargaming, RP and board games. She admits to being ‘D&D obsessed’ and adores all types of board games. Sally is happiest when either writing, beta testing games, attending game dev and game industry shows.

In addition to gaming she is, in her own words, a ‘DC Comics Nerd’ and loves to catch up on the DC Universe when she can, and in the last few years has been crossing over to the Marvel Universe too, with much delight from her husband who has always been the more ‘Marvel’ of the two!


She collects geek/nerd/gaming/superhero items and feels privileged to be able to review various products, games, comics and more for each brand, as well as writing for various magazines and presenting shows or as part of the press team at various conventions and trade shows.

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