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I have worked with some fabulous brands, businesses & shows over the years, here are just a few!

Love chocolate? Love LoveChock. Raw organic vegan chocolatey goodness.

So I admit, I’m not vegan. And… I am also a diabetic, so putting those two together, you’d think vegan chocolate wouldn’t be my ideal sweet treat ‘go to’ and you would probably be right, but that was until I met the lovely people at LoveChock.

LoveChock was founded in 2009 and in their own words “to share
the joy of embracing a conscious lifestyle, and everything that makes this life oh so very pleasurable. Chocolate that honours your body. Produced while caring for the planet, with the best natural ingredients, cultivated by farmers who are paid fair wages.”

I met LoveChock at the Natural & Organic Products Show last year, we chatted for ages at their stall and I had the privilege to get to know them more as a company afterwards as we exchanged emails and spoke about sustainability and their ethics towards the chocolate industry. I have to say, this is the pure brilliance of food, drink and wellbeing producers, creators, artisans and distributors that you may never get to normally, and of course, then you find awesome brands like LoveChock.

Now, there is a lot of chocolate to get through lovelies, so let’s crack on!

Before we go onto our first bar, please do take a look at the outer packaging. The kraft brown cardboard boxes say everything you need to know on them and I really like that. Vegan, raw, organic, the flavour, cocao percentage. So many chocolate companies focus on the word ‘chocolate’ and not about the other details. So well done LoveChock on getting the balance just right in your details.

The inside packaging is just stunning. With brightly coloured patterns and a little ‘fortune cookie style’ inspirational note inside the smaller chunky bars which you can peel off and collect.

But I am guessing you want to hear about the chocolate yes? OK OK OK, no need to shout! Grab hold of your garters… here we go!

Almond & Mulberry – deliciously nutty with a fruity after taste in a very creamy chocolate. This bar was a little too easy to eat and before I had realised, I had eaten that large chunk on the right hand side of the plate. A good sign I feel. Plenty of both almond and mulberry nibblets inside the chocolate as you can see in the photo. What a great start!

Sweet Nibs & Sea Salt – You all know me well enough now to know that I adore salty chocolate but some salt infused chocolate leaves your mouth feeling like you have just sipped a glass of sea water. This didn’t. It was perfectly balanced and I think the combination of the sweet nibs certainly helps that.

Extreme Dark – A word of warning. If you do not like very plain/dark chocolate this probably is not the bar for you. They call it extreme, because it is quite extreme. At 99% cocao, this is a bitter dark chocolate. As much as I love dark chocolate, this was a little extreme, even for me. However, in saying that it is so dark, this also makes it an extremely good chocolate for diabetics, especially in cooking, just add some erythritol for sweetness and then you’ll be able to make some diabetic safe treats and bakes.

Blueberry & Hemp Seed – This has a ‘crunch’ to it as you bite down, a little like chia seeds in texture. Really lovely with a subtle berry taste right at the end beautifully enveloped in dark chocolate.

Coconut Nibs – I love coconut, being diabetic, I use coconut flour in a lot of cooking as well as adding coconut flakes, nibs and shavings in various other dishes. I knew I was going to like this one but had a small worry that it was going to taste overly sweet like the well known commercial ‘Bounty’ bar. I need not have worried. The creamy chocolate balances the coconut flavour extremely well and whilst it does have that strong coconut taste towards the end, you are able to appreciate the chocolate taste first.

Hazelnut Matcha – I am not a matcha fan, at all. So I took the smallest of bites of this bar. I ended up eating a few of those cubes 😉 Delightfully creamy and a little nutty, the matcha, which in so many other products on the market at the moment, can be too overpowering, was subtle and added to the creaminess.

Almond Fig – Dark chocolate with figgy nuggets and almond niblets. What a joy! The fig and almond combination go really well together, that sweet/nutty combo is always a favourite of mine and this bar was both delicious and very moreish.

Pecan Maca – 81% dark chocolate, which is a really fabulous percentage for dark chocolate as it’s decadently bitter without being too bitter, wrapped around pecan and macadamia nut chunks. Amazingly nutty with good size chunks of each nut throughout the chocolate.

Mulberry Vanilla – Like the Almond and Mulberry chocolate tablet, the mulberry is the last thing you taste. Dark chocolate infused with vanilla is what you savour first and then towards the end the mulberry feeds through. A subtle and very easy to eat (a whole bar of) chocolate.

Goji Orange – Can you see the beautiful chunks of goji berries in this bar? Whole goji berries and sweet orange crunchy tangy bits. A delicious combination and rather than tasting heavy with it being a very dark chocolate, it has a fresh taste that lifts your palette.


Cherry Chili – So as you can see by this photo, I saw the name of this chocolate and just knew it would go well with red wine, so of course I just had to try it. This bottle of 2017 Fleurie from the Artisan winemaker Julien Sunier is a fruity, floral Burgandy with a hint of red berries. It seemed the obvious choice to go with LoveChock’s Cherry Chili chocolate!

I love chili and chocolate together and in this bar you can really taste the chili, as you should: it is the star of the show but it doesn’t leave you gasping for a drink to cool your throat as the sweet berry flavour from the cherry helps to counteract the spice. However, having a glass of Fleurie on hand also helped…

Extra Pure – 94% cocoa, no added sugar, great for diabetics once again for eating and cooking with. Or for anyone who doesn’t like sweet chocolate for that matter too. Slightly less bitter than the Extreme Dark and a little more creamy in texture. Beautiful.

CBD Infused – And last but by no means least, the Queen of the show for me is LoveChock’s CBD infused chocolate. With 15mg of CBD oil infused in each bar, this little tasty tablet of organic chocolate is also a great wellbeing treat too. I like the taste of CBD oil, many people don’t but I really do and I enjoyed this chocolate. The taste of the CBD is subtle so even if you do not like the flavour of CBD you can eat this chocolate and still get your daily quota of CBD inside you without taking the oil by mouth. A fantastic way for people who do not want to use the oil but still want to use CBD in their daily lives.

So there you go my lovelies, what a wonderful day we had testing and tasting all these amazing chocolates, and of course, the Fleurie wine too.

Please do pop over to LoveChock’s website and see their entire range. They are a lovely bunch of people with outstanding eco-ethics. LoveChock is just…. lovely.

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