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I have worked with some fabulous brands, businesses & shows over the years, here are just a few!

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Recipe: Vegetable & Lentil Daal (also Dal or Dhal)

We adore Indian food in our house. The spices, the textures and the taste. My eldest daughter is loves a curry, whether homemade, in a restaurant or from the local takeaway. As you already know from my Tandoori Chicken Recipe and my Bombay Potatoes Recipe – I like to create that authentic taste but using ingredients we all usually have

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Review: Mandira’s Kitchen

I had been following Mandira’s Kitchen on social media for a while and every time their photos popped up on Instagram I kept thinking, I must try these curries. So imagine my glee when their PR team asked me to get involved with a review! Mandira’s Kitchen was indeed created by Mandira who, in her 40’s, gave up her well-payed

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Tired and exhausted freelance woman sleeping on laptop computer in office.

11 Top Tips To Combat Mental Exhaustion

Mental exhaustion can definitely take its toll on a person’s wellbeing. In many ways it can be worse than physical fatigue as it can make you feel like you are failing on all levels, making you unable to think clearly or even find the right words creating feelings of frustration and stress. This stress caused by mental fatigue can then

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How To Use Herbs For Healing

BEFORE USING ANY HERBS FOR HEALING – PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR! You can use herbs in a variety of ways for natural healing. But you must remember that not all herbs are good for you. Some can interfere with medicine you are already taking, some can be mildly toxic and others can kill. Please speak to a registered and

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Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life motivational quote on the letter board. Inspiration

What is PMA & can you truly have a positive mental attitude?

Some people have the knack of being chirpy (sometimes annoyingly so!) and seeing the very best of everything in every detail they see. Others find it hard to feel inspired by anything. When we are going through stressful or hard times it is hard to feel good or motivated at all, so can you truly have a positive mental attitude?

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National Vegetarian Week 2019 – Veggie Foodie Treats for the Non-Veggie!

This week has been a wondrous taste sensation through the world of vegetarian food thanks to #NationalVegetarianWeek hosted by The Vegetarian Society UK. As a non-veggie and humble meat eater, I adore trying new ways to increase my veggie food intake and weeks like this make it easier to try new products and get involved with both new and established vegetarian food brands.

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Top 10 Crisp & Chip Snack Alternatives

I’m not going to lie. Nope. Not me. So I need to confess something to you all my lovely dear readers: I love crisps. Those crispy fried (or even oven baked) thin slices of golden potato covered in manufactured fake tasting flavourings. Yes, there you go, I said it. I love crisps. And whether you call them crisps or chips

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